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For Empowering Society Ecology & Environment(FORESEE) India Foundation is an NGO based in Lucknow,Uttarpradesh dedicated to the cause of Social welfare and Environmental and Ecological conservation. India is the world’s second most populated country with a population of 136.64 crores (2019) and consistently growing to become the most populated country in the world.India is also the fastest emerging economies of the world growing annually at an average 7-8% GDP.A very large population and high growth rate of the Economy has also thrown open a lot of challenges at Social and Environmental front. In the realm of Environment issues such as Air & Water pollution,deforestation,loss of Ecological habitats and depletion of natural resources are alarming and need urgent restoration and conservation efforts to reverse the Environmental degradation.We have to work on Environmental sustainability and ensure that we do not compromise the future of our next generation. On the Social front issues such as poverty,unemployment,lack of health care, education of poor children,neglect of elderly due to nuclearisation of families,erosion of moral values among youth,drug abuse and crime against women and children need our urgent resolve and amelioration efforts . The Governments in power are making adequate efforts to address these issues by legislating suitable regulations and policies but these efforts of the Governments needs to be augmented by cooperation , contribution and participation of the local communities. Foresee India Foundation has been formed with a vision to promote community participation in Environmental and Social issues and contribute responsibly towards building a safer,happier and prosperous society and sustainable environment.

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