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Board Members

Founder & Chairman

Dr Aahuti Bajpai Ojha

Foresee India Foundation is the brainchild of Dr Aaahuti Bajpai Ojha.She is a versatile and dynamic leader and a multi talented personality. She has done her Doctorate in Environmental Science and Diploma in Environmental Laws from Lucknow University and has numerous research papers to her credit. She began her professional career as Research Scholar at National Botanical Research Institute(CSIR),Lucknow. She has been the first female Scholar to carry out her research on Lichens at Bhimbetka World Heritage Zone. After two decades of professional experience as Research scholar, Educator,Trainer,Producer and Director she decided to don the cap of a social worker and pursue her passion for Environmental and social issues and thus directed her efforts to establish Foresee India Foundation. She strongly believes that all capable individuals and institutions owe it to their societies and must contribute in whatever form they can. There is so much to be done for the Society and Environment that it needs immense participation and resource mobilization from the local communities.

General Secretary

Shri Syed Faizi

Shri Syed Faizi is a renowned journalist and is Editor of “Awadh Pukar” a Weekly Newspaper published in Lucknow. He is much revered and respected among the local community for his philanthropic initiatives and his unrelentless support to weaker and marginalized section of the society. He promotes green initiatives and is credited for developing many orchids and parks in and around Lucknow City.

Advocate Sanjay Awasthi

Legal Officer

Sanjay Awasthi is a well known and established Civil/Service lawyer of Lucknow High Court. He has a keen interest in flying and is also a qualified aviator.He provides legal consultancy services to many firms and Establishments in Lucknow,Delhi,Rishikesh and Dehradun. He is a very kind hearted law practitioner and always volunteers to fight for delivery of justice to weaker and marginalized sections of the society.

Er Anupam Sonkar

Program Officer

Anupam Sonkar is a tech savvy and creatively inclined Engineer whose forte is digital communication and marketing strategy.He is fitness enthusiast and is an active member of Kukrail Runners,a well known fitness volunteer group of Lucknow City.He is founder of digital platform Lucknowstory.com which has a huge fan base and patronage.